Best Spotify Playlist Curators


Best Spotify Playlist Curators

The Music Streaming Platform, Spotify, has over 4 billion playlists made by its users. Many of these users and accounts specialise in making them and are called Spotify Playlist Curators. These accounts create professional and well-made playlists that the public can listen to whenever they. If you can think of a genre, chances are a curator has a playlist for it. Many curators offer opportunities for artists to get into their playlists by having song submission sections on their websites. However, some are better than others and a good one can be hard to find. Here are our favourite Spotify Playlist curators:

Melody Melon

Melody Melon is an up and coming Spotify Playlist Curator. Although they’re new, they feature a range of quality playlists that are regularly updated and feature the hottest new songs. Head over to their website for more information and if you’re an independent artist that wants to be featured in a Melody Melon playlist.

Disco Naïveté

Disco Naïveté are an independent playlist curator and music blog publisher from Belgium. Furthermore, They focus on showcasing new songs and artists that users can discover and fall in love with. Check out their music blog for insightful articles on artists, songs, and the music industry.

Daily Playlists

This curator features daily updated playlists that are all user submitted. Daily Playlists produces a vast array of genres and moods for you to get stuck in with. Submit a song to their playlists here.

Sidekick Music

Sidekick offers a small yet excellent selection of playlists, even its own ‘Discover Weekly’! Check out their website for more details.


Probably the largest entry on our list, Topsify produces professional playlists for all of the latest pop songs. On top of that, they have their own charts!

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Best Spotify Playlist Curators

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