How To Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists in 2021


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Without a doubt, Spotify is the largest music streaming platform out there. With a whopping 320 million monthly active users, it's vital for you as an artist to get your music on Spotify playlists to get heard and grow your audience.

Let 2021 be your year to shine, and get the audience you deserve, with these 5 simple tips to get your music featured on Spotify playlists.

6 Tips for Promoting Your Music on Spotify!

1. Use an organic Spotify promotion service.

One of the fastest and low effort methods to getting your music in front of new audiences is leveraging trusted Spotify promotion services such as Bassline Promotions.

This method does come with its risks, however. Though there are several trusted Spotify promotions services out there, such as Bassline Promotions. You have to be careful when choosing who to promote your music with.

Many companies in this area use unethical and fake methods like botting your music with fake plays. Not only can this be super harmful to your brand, but it can also get you kicked off the platform if found out. So when choosing a promotion service, keep in mind that if it looks too good to be true - it probably is.

Here at Bassline Promotions, we specialise in organic Spotify promotion - it's our bread and butter. With our modern promotion techniques such as playlist placements via our extensive playlist network and custom social media campaigns, we can guarantee to get your music on real playlists for real results. Interested? Head over to our Spotify promotion page.

2. Get placed on Spotify playlists, through Spotify for artists.

Another powerful technique you must do is sign up to Spotify for Artists! Seriously... do it now, ill wait!

With access to powerful analytics and features, such as managing your playlists and profile. Spotify for Artists is an essential tool if you want to learn how to grow your music effectively. But perhaps most importantly, it allows you to submit your unreleased music directly to Spotify for a chance to appear in their playlists.

For your best chances of getting accepted into their playlists, its best to pitch your music at least a couple of weeks before the release of your track. Also, keep in mind, you can only submit one track per album or EP release so make sure its the track you believe has the best chances of standing out from the thousands of other applications.

3. Pitch your music to Spotify playlists curators

Pitching your music to independent Spotify playlist curators can be one of the most rewarding methods, however, also the most time consuming and disheartening if you get denied.

Despite this its a really effective way of getting your music heard. So is a list of a few independent Spotify playlist curators:

To find out more about these curators, read our blog on the Best Spotify Playlist Curators.

4. Take matters into your own hands

For your best chances of getting accepted to playlists and standing out in the vast sea of independent Spotify artists. There are several optimisations you can do yourself.

Optimise your profile!

Once you have access to Spotify for Artists you will be able to personalise your Spotify profile. As your profile may be the first impression a Spotify user will have on you, it needs to have an impact. A well-designed profile will also make yourself look more professional as an artist and thus more likely to put in playlists. Tailor your profile to represent your brand, who you are, your music, and possibly even your story as an independent artist.

Create your own playlists!

If you are struggling to get your music on others playlists, remember you can always create your own! After creating a playlist full of music you vibe with you can share this with your friends and family and it will likely serve as a way to get your music out there. You can also team up with other small artists to expand the people you can share the playlist with.

Improve your sound!

The most important quality you can have as an artist is the ability to grow and self improve. So if you're not having success with getting your music placed on playlists, use the feedback the playlist curators give you and focus on improving your next release so your new music stands a better chance.

5. Leverage other social media platforms

While you may think it is counterproductive to grow your other social media platforms when your only goal is to get your music in front of a larger audience on Spotify. Let me assure you, it is not!

Through funnelling your followers and subscribers from other platforms, to your Spotify, you can expect to see a percentage of them become followers on your Spotify, especially if you have taken the time to flesh out your profile.

Increasing your Spotify followers is really important, as this is likely one of the factors Spotify playlists curators are going to take in when judging whether they want your music on their playlists.

6. Never give up!

Obvious or not - growing your brand and getting your music out there can and will most likely take time, so be patient, but perhaps more importantly: be consistent.

How To Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists in 2021

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