Learning Music Online – All you need to know

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Learning Music Online – All you need to know

Finding quality face to face music lessons for music can be hard, time-consuming, and not to mention expensive! However, we believe that music can be taught just as well online. Furthermore, it means that you can learn your favourite instruments from your own home and sometimes for free. Here are some services that we recommend when learning music online:

Soundfly – Soundfly is extensive music learning platform with a large variety of courses that you can take. Not only that, many of the courses are completely free to the public. More so, Soundfly offers paid mentors to help guide you through your music learning process. These mentors provide tailored lessons with in-depth feedback on your work.

Music Matters (Youtube) – There are a range of different content creators that create music lessons for free on Youtube. An example of this is Music Matters. Led by Gareth Green and Alex Shore, the account provides learning resources for music theory and composition. They also have a website featuring more in-depth paid courses.

Learning Music by Ableton – Ableton’s Free Learning Music web platform is the perfect start for any beginners looking to learn more about music. Ableton teaches the foundations of music, other platforms often don’t cover this and assume the user already knows this. The platform covers lessons on identifying sounds, song structure, grouping notes, and much more.

Alison – The free online course platform offers several free courses on Music learning. The site offers courses on music theory, form, melody, the makings of electronic music, and several offers. Alison is the perfect way to give your hobby, or even career, the boost it needs.

This list only just covers a small fraction of the many ways of learning music online. The internet offers dozens of ways of learning music, so what’s stopping you? From everyone at Bassline Promotions, we wish you the best of luck when learning about the wonderful art that is music.

Learning Music Online – All you need to know

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