New Spotify Updates and Upcoming Features


New Spotify Updates and Upcoming Features

This September we have seen the likes of several new Spotify updates. Furthermore, several exciting features have been announced for the future of the music streaming platform. Here is what’s new:

Play your Part

“Play Your Part” is a new campaign ran by Spotify that encourages eligible voters in the US to vote in this years election. The campaign is particularly targeted at first-time voters who need to get their voices heard. Creators such as Conan Gray, Alaina Castillo, King Princess, Chloe x Halle are being recruited to express the importance of voting. In addition, Spotify are curating tailored playlists are recommended podcasts for you to listen to on voting day. Don’t forget to vote on November 3rd!

Virtual Events

Due to the Covid-19 and lockdown, Spotify has begun pushing towards virtual events. The feature has been hinted on Twitter that they’re working on a “Virtual Event” section. The platform would enable users to stream live content from their devices. This upcoming feature will allow artists to rekindle their connection with their fans and also monetise on the live events.

Music, Meet Podcasts

“Listening is how we connect with one another, gain perspective, and discover more about ourselves”. Last week Spotify launched the global campaign “Music, Meet Podcast” which aims to demonstrate how Spotify connects to users through the power of listening. Whether you are listening to a podcast or streaming music, sound plays a vital role in each of our lives. Check out their new short promo.

Upcoming Karaoke Feature

An upcoming Karaoke feature for Spotify has recently been leaked. The feature would display lyrics to a desired song with an adjustable vocal level. It is unknown when this feature will come out but it may just revolutionise the way we do Karaoke.

Moreover, at the beginning of this month, we saw the ‘blink or you will miss it’ free Google Nest giveaway made by Spotify to premium account users. Unfortunately, it was just for the UK and these ran out fairly quickly so we hope that you managed to get your hands on one. All of the team at Bassline Promotions are very excited about these new updates! Stay tuned for new Spotify updates.

New Spotify Updates and Upcoming Features

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