Spotify October Updates and News



Spotify October Updates and News

The music streaming platform, Spotify, has seen a few updates this month. Here are the Spotify October Updates.

Spotify Shows

Spotify adds a the Shows feature that brings together music and spoken-word content, allowing full songs and talk commentary to live together wrapped up in one show. This enables users to really connect with their favourite music and artists. The feature can be accessed under the newly created genre ‘Shows with music’. Check out this video for more details.

Spotify Pumped

Spotify Pumped is a new service launched by Spotify that allows users to create their own guided high-intensity interval training workout playlist. The service allows users to select which podcast star they want as their coach, their favourite genres of music, and the intensity of the workout. This service is only available in the UK and Ireland currently, unfortunately.

Google Assistant devices and podcasts

Podcasts can now be optimised with Google assistant devices. Simply say “Ok Google, play…” followed by your preferred podcast.

iOS14 Widget

The new iOS update allows users to display widgets on the home screen of their apple device. Spotify launched their own widget that allows you to quickly access your recently played artists, albums and podcasts with a single tap. The widget comes in small and medium.

Search by Lyrics

Can’t remember the name of that one song you love? Well with this new feature, you can simply find the desired song by searching the lyrics. Enter the said lyrics into the search bar and look for the “lyrics match” label in the results.

World Mental health Day

Additionally, on world mental health day (10th of October) Spotify announced they wanted to make every day ‘World Mental Health Day’. The company have vowed to enhance their initiatives to better support the employees’ mental and physical wellness, especially in light of COVID-19.

And that’s everything for the Spotify October Updates. Tune in to the Bassline Promotions blogs next month for Spotify November Updates. Happy October and Happy Halloween!

Spotify October Updates and News

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