Top Artists of 2020 – Who will win at BBMAs?


Top Artists of 2020 – Who will win at BBMAs?

The 2020 Billboard Music Awards is just around the corner now! The ceremony awards talented musicians with awards such as: The Top Billboard Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Female Artist, Top New Artist, and the famous Top Artist Of The Year. On the 14th of October the top artists of 2020 will be crowned, but who could they possibly be? Here are this year’s nominations for the Top Artist of 2020 and Top New Artist of 2020:

Top Artist

Billie Eilish – The “anti-pop” teenage singer/songwriter has been nominated for an amazing 12 awards this year. A very impressive number considering her young age!

Jonas Brothers – The Disney originated group have redefined their image and have remained popular since 2005. They have 4 nominations for the BBMA’s this year.

Khalid – The American singer/songwriter has bee nominated for Top Artist of 2020 as well as 11 other awards.

Post Malone – Post Malone received the most nominated this year with a grand total of 16 nominations!

Taylor Swift – The hit album Folklore blew us away earlier this year. Will Taylor win Top Artist of the year or the other 5 awards she was nominated for?

Top New Artist

Lil Nas X – For a first time nominee, the rapper Lil Nas X has gotten 13 nominations. For a first-timer could Lil Nas X take home several awards?

Billie Eilish -Billie got voted for most likely artist to win Top New Artist of 2020 on a poll on the Billboard site. She received a score of over 70%.

DaBaby – The new American rapper has received 7 nominations at the Billboard Music Awards this year. DaBaby released the hit song ROCKSTAR that made it to number 1 on the Billboard top 100 charts.

Lizzo – Lizzo received 11 nominations for the awards this year. Lizzo or Billie could be the first female artist to win Top New Artist since Lorde in 2014.

Roddy Ricch – New artist Roddy Ricch got nominated for the Top New Artist award and two others. Roddy Ricch featured on the hit song ROCKSTAR with DaBaby.

Here at Bassline Promotions, we are very excited for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. Whoever the winners may be, these artists have given us excellent music in this troubled year! The ceremony will be held in Las Vegas in the Grand Garden Arena, Tune in to the BBMAs on the 14th of October on NBC to see the Top Artists of 2020.

Top Artists of 2020 – Who will win at BBMAs?

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